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Colors of Darkness

Hi Friends,
We went to a home for visually challenged children in Bangalore on last Sunday i.e 19th October @ Bangaluru

Samarthanam” is the name of the organization running this home.

Most of the people were on their dussera vacation. We interacted with girls who were studying their PUC, BBA, BCom etc.

Some of them were speaking in English fluently….it was flawless…

We were stunned to find that most of them understand English and can also speak in english.

We want to spend our Sunday time in a meaningful manner….We asked them about their interested occupations and subjects…

Most of them wanted to be Teachers….A couple of them Social Workers….Few Singers (pretty good singers infact… “Nethra” sung a song for us which we really enjoyed)

A classical dancer (“Ganga – she is really a tough girl…smart and spontaneous with her responses, she gave few performances abroad too..she showed a glimpse of her talent for us…She wants to become a lawyer and help the poor)

After interacting with them in the morning for about 45mins….we told we want to try something different by asking them to paint something..


A few glimpses of what they were able to put on canvas can be seen below( We shud have taken ….water colors…it wud have helped them to draw with fingers)

We helped them by showing the sense of figures with their fingers.

Next Effort:

we can do this activity of painting by providing water colors and helping them to paint with hands…

It would be great if it is something that they can also appreciate immediately…

They are talented and well trained but we don’t think they get enough exposure or chances to interact with people…

So we come up with scenarios like….

Serious …

Ex: How would they address a customer as a receptionist….Let us train them…record their voices


How would she address a phone call if she is the anchor for a radio or TV show


Take their interviews ( by giving them some character of Gandhi or the Prime minister)

“ Record all their efforts and play it to them and tell the +ves in their vocals…”

We can schedule a slot or a program for them where they can show these talents of them…definitely imagination is necessary to increase u r confident levels…


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