Newton was unaware that an apple can teach him gravity

About Me

Hi friends,

I am Ramesh Mantha, who works for a software company for my bread, and working along with some organizations to achieve holistic transformation in the society.

I worked with many organisations and learned lot many things from those organisations and the people.

Now i am currently working closely with the organisation (Simple thoughts and Dr Raman Foundation)
I found so many similarities among these two organisations, except the people behind them.

A brief about Dr Raman Foundation :


Empower the underprivileged, harness their potential, create opportunities for success.

Groom the next generation kids into good leaders and good citizens in different walks of life and at different levels – policy makers, policy advisors, policy influencers, policy implementers among others – all with the right set of values – who will say a loud and clear ‘No’ to exploitation and injustice (both by them and to them)


  • Reduce inequalities in the current knowledge society through improved knowledge decentralization and dissemination.
  • Help people realize their full potential and make a lifelong difference in their lives through quality education (in school and beyond school)‏
  • Create better livelihoods for the underprivileged thus enhancing the purpose of education for them
  • Pioneer and Participate in endeavors that improve the helalthcare & nutrition of the under-privileged people

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